How to install iOS 16 beta on iPhone and iPad from Windows and Mac

How to install iOS 16 beta on iPhone and iPad from Windows and Mac

How to install iOS 16 beta on iPhone and iPad from Windows and Mac. Traditionally, Apple allowed developers to install new versions by previously downloading a certificate from their developer account, however. This year things have changed and the process is not as simple as before. If you want to know how to install iOS 16 on your iPhone without a developer certificate. From Windows and Mac, then we show you all the steps to follow.

iOS 16 Beta Release Date

First of all

The first and foremost thing is to make a backup of our device. The installation process, not just a new version of an operating system, and especially a beta version. Can ruin the content that we have stored on our computer. So we are not interested in losing all the content that we have stored.

To make a backup, we just have to connect our device to a computer and through iTunes make an encrypted backup on our computer. The backup through iCloud is not worth us, since it does not copy all the content of our device to the cloud, only the configuration that we have established.

Download iOS 16 beta for iPhone and iPad

First, the first thing we must do is download the beta of iOS 16 that corresponds to our device. This beta can be found in the developer portal, a portal to which we obviously do not have access if we are not. Fortunately, on the Internet we can find different websites that offer us the IPSW of each model.

The website that offers us the most confidence when it comes to downloading the IPSW from our device is that of the guys from iosprofiledownload, who a few years ago were in charge of developing and maintaining the jailbreak, when it was much more used than today.

Next, we must select which iPhone or iPad model we have and on which we want to install. When clicking on it, a window will be displayed with the name of the version that we are going to download. We just have to click on download now, confirm that we are not a robot and click on continue.

Depending on how congested the servers are, the process can take from several minutes to several hours, so you have to be patient to download it. If this is not our case, the best we can do is wait until the end of July for Apple to open the public beta program for iOS 16 and the rest of the operating systems that will arrive in their final version in September.

If we see that the download takes a long time. We can choose to download the IPSW of our device through iosprofiledownload, despite the fact that, as I have commented above, no certificate is needed to be able to perform the installation.

Write your email address in the comments for the download link.

Install iOS 16 beta from Mac

In order to install, if we follow the instructions of Apple, iOS 16 or any other version of watchOS 8 or tvOS 16 on our device, it is necessary whether or not to use the Xcode application, an application used by developers to create applications, so we need a developer account.

The process to do it is not easy. Fortunately, there is an alternative method that will allow us to install without this application in a very simple process that hardly requires knowledge, just follow the steps that we explain.

  • Once we have downloaded the IPSW corresponding to our terminal, we must download the application through this link.
  • Once downloaded, we proceed to install it on our computer and open iTunes and connect our device to the computer.
  • Next, click on the icon that represents our device.
  • If we want to carry out an installation from scratch, which is always recommended, even if it is a beta, we must press and hold the Option button on our keyboard when we select «Check for updates«. Next, we select the iOS 16 file that we have downloaded and wait for the installation to take place.
  • If, on the other hand, we do not want to do a zero installation and thus be able to talk about all the applications that we have installed on our equipment, we must press and hold the Option button on our equipment when we select Restore. Next, we select the iOS 16 file that we have previously downloaded and wait for the update to take place.

Install iOS 16 beta from Windows

The process to install the iOS 16 beta on Windows requires a series of steps, not complex, that we must follow in order to install it on our device.

  • Once we have downloaded the IPSW corresponding to our terminal. We must download the DeviceRestore application, which we can find in the GitHub repository. We must download this application in the same directory where we have stored the IPSW of our terminal that we have previously downloaded.
  • Next, we go to the Windows search bar and type CMD to access the Windows command line. Next, we go to the directory where both the IPSW and the DeviceRestore application are located.
  • If it is in the iOS-16 directory, we type in the command line «cd iOS-16».
  • Then, inside the command line of the directory where both files are, we will write: “idevicerestore -d version-name.IPSW” without the quotes. In this case it would be “idevicerestore -d iPhone_4.7_16.0_17A5492t_restore.IPSW”

Is it advisable to install the beta of iOS 16?

No. Like any beta version of an application or an operating system, it is never recommended to install it on our device as long as it is not the device that we use as the main tool, especially if we use it for work, since both its performance and Battery consumption can leave a lot to be desired.

Fortunately, in the last two years. Apple has greatly improved the operation of the betas that it launches of all its operating systems. So its performance is more than good compared to previous years. The betas are intended for developers to adapt their applications to the new features that have been implemented so that they offer operational or performance problems.


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